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Surgery Center’s History

History of the Development of the Eye Surgery & Laser Clinic

In the early 1980’s, Dr.’s William J. Burchfield and James W. Wheatley, cataract surgeons at Cabarrus Eye Center, observed the increasing national trend of outpatient cataract surgery being performed in free standing ambulatory surgery centers. The rationale for these was better quality control, rapid patient acceptance and convenience and markedly lower costs to the patients and insurance carriers, compared to cataract surgery done in hospital operating rooms

The Governing Body of the Southern Piedmont Health Systems Agency, Inc. met on April 19, 1983, and the certificate of need decisions regarding the proposed ambulatory surgery center “were unanimously confirmed without problem”. Marshall Erdman was contracted to build the facility, a company that specialized only in building medical buildings.

An operating license was applied for and granted when the facility was constructed, equipped and all necessary requirements, regulations, inspections and evaluations were complete and in order. This was accomplished and the Eye Surgery and Laser Clinic was opened in early 1984 and has been in operation without interruption since then.