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The danger of costume contact lenses Part 1

Halloween is one of the most popular fall celebrations in the U.S., with more and more adults pushing the limits with creative costumes. Recently, the American Academy of Ophthalmology reported on the danger of a relatively new accessory, over-the-counter costume contacts.

While these may put the final touch on your Halloween costume, these contacts can damage your eyes in more ways than one.

Costume contacts are one size fits all, meaning that since they are not fitted for your eyes, they can easily scratch the outer layer of your eye. These corneal abrasions can lead to redness, light sensitivity, discharge, pain, and the awful feeling that something is stuck in your eye making you rub the eye and worsening damage.

Decorative contacts can also cause eye sores called corneal ulcers. These white dots can appear on the iris, the colored part of your eye, and may require treatment to heal.

Scratches and sores on the eye make the eye more susceptible to infection. These injuries create small holes in the surface of the eye, which can make the eye more vulnerable to bacteria. In the most extreme cases, scarring and infection from wearing costume contacts has caused blindness. The cornea can be distorted by scarring and infection, making it opaque and requiring a corneal transplant in order to restore vision.

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