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Tips for caring for aging eyes

While age-related vision loss is a typical part of life, in many cases steps can be taken to slow the process.

As we age, our eyes follow suit, and often we ignore the signs in an attempt to deny that a problem exists. Acknowledging that your eyes are getting older can jump start your effort to take small steps to help your eyes deal with the transition.

Here are some small steps that can be taken to reduce strain and extend the health of your eyes.

  • Install desk lamps to home offices or near reading areas or task lighting underneath kitchen cabinets or above stoves to help illuminate work areas.
  • Make sure you have enough lighting to brighten work surfaces in garages, sewing rooms, basements or other areas where you need to see fine details.
  • Asking your employer to install additional lighting, if needed, at your workplace.
  • When working at a computer remember to:
  • Adjust lighting to minimize glare on the screen
  • Keep your computer screen within 20"-24" of your eyes
  • Take a break every 15 minutes to focus on a distant object
  • Blink frequently

While it is impossible to stop the march of time, there are steps you can take to be proactive about the health of your vision. Schedule regular visits with your eye doctor, protect your eyes with sunglasses when outdoors and reduce time in front of computers, tablets and TV when possible.

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